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About us

Schmidts Jewelry

People come into Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry because of love.

Everybody that comes in has some sort of reason for celebration, whether it be the birth of a child, an anniversary, a wedding that they are preparing for. It's entering a new chapter in their life. Each person that comes into our store brings with them a story or an idea about what they would like for us to do, a message about what is important to them and what they envision in the creation of the piece that they want us to build.

Our history

Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry has been in business for over 40 years.

Brenda Giere started with the business over 22 years ago working part-time straight out of college. This gave Brenda the ability to learn, manage, operate and now own Schmidt’s Gems and Fine Jewelry.

In Brenda’s own words, “When I started here at Schmidt's, I instantly gravitated and fell in love with being a part of a family-owned operation, something that I believed was the backbone and very important to this business.

The relationships that I have with the clients is almost like family. It becomes very easy to come to work. I jokingly say that it's not really work because it's effortless…Being a part of their life, and being part of creating a legacy for most of these families when they come in and buy something from our store. Our store is so much different, where we do all of the work in-house.”


Custom One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Design

One of the things that sets us apart here at Schmidt's Jewelry is the ability to custom create things in-house. Specialty niches, such as our in-house goldsmith staff, our ability to build custom rings through our CAD/CAM software program. That's definitely what sets us apart. We get calls every day. Clients call us wondering, "Is my piece going to leave your store or does my piece get to stay in your premise and under your direction and under your care?"

When you think about how personal and the type of heirlooms that we deal with on a daily basis, it is extremely important to our clientele to know and to realize that the pieces stay in-house. We're not shipping stuff all over the country. It stays here where we can keep an eye over their precious heirloom. Oftentimes that is very comforting for clients to know that their piece is not being shipped away and that everything is being done here and that the service and turnaround with our clients is very quick. Rarely do we need a piece more than just three or four days. Upon ordering stuff, we can oftentimes call a client, order something in, and then at that point get them to bring their jewelry, so they don't have to be without it for long.

Meet our team

Brenda Giere

Brenda Giere


Rachel Wenzel

Rachel Wenzel

Jennifer Roehrich

Jennifer Roehrich

Destination Store

Being a destination store sets us apart from a corporate machine or a mall store, where clients can pull right up in front of our location, walk right in, and there is always on staff everybody that's knowledgeable, happy to greet them, excited about working with the clients. It's the one compliment that our clients often give us, is the fact that they feel relaxed in our store. We don't have high pressure. We're not all about commission. We're truly about trying to help the client reach what it is that they're looking for.

When we work with the client in our store we treat them like a client, not a customer, not just an number in our store, but we truly value what they're saying to us and want their ideas to become reality. It's not one of us here at Schmidt's that's building a ring that we believe that they should wear, it's their ideas and it's their ring because it's something that they, themselves, are never going to take off their hand.

Our values

We value our clients.

There is no question the most rewarding experience for me personally and what drives me every single day is the clientele in which I work with. They are absolutely amazing. Every day, coming into work I don't look to it as work. I truly look at it as an experience and a joy, and honestly a privilege getting to work with these clients every single day and helping them to find a piece that's truly going to become commemorative, that's an heirloom that they will be able to pass down from generations to come, and building a legacy for them, building something that has meaning.

It's beyond just looking in our showcases and finding a pendant. It's picking out that perfect piece for them that is going to absolutely get accolades for years to come. It's that relationship building process that hands down makes what I do no longer work but truly a joy to come in every single day and just experience what I love. It's a jewelry box for an adult lady to be able to come in here and enjoy being with the jewelry, enjoy being with the clientele, and really working to build relationships. That's really what our store is about. That's what this industry is built on, and we've never lost sight of that. That is what's really important.

Our Clients Say...

Great personal service and someone you can trust. I Love Schmidt's!!

Julie Haunch Homan, North Dakota

The best personal service, who pays attention to detail! And THE BEST diamonds ever!!!

Jenifer Schempp, North Dakota

Ryan and I are still madly in love with our rings four years and a baby later!! You are all so kind, creative, and caring!!

Jane Marie Berger, North Dakota