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Maybe you have an old ring your grandmother gave you. Or maybe you have a necklace with a broken clasp that you haven’t worn in ages. We can help you fashion these tired, old trinkets into jewelry you will wear and enjoy. The nice thing about jewelry is that it never has to go out of date.

Here are a few examples of what some people have done with their old jewelry

One gentleman had his grandfathers yellow gold wedding band which was fairly narrow. We added a white gold band of similar width to either side, creating a more modern two-tone style. Ensuring to maintain the sentimental base for future generations to appreciate.

Another women had a ring with three diamonds in it. She really treasured the ring, and when she grew older, decided she wanted to do something nice for her three children. We remounted each of the diamonds into three different rings so all were able to enjoy it equally.

Yet another lady had brought in an old 14K gold watch whose time had run out. We removed the watch, but left the surrounding diamond bezel. We supplied one of our own faceted stones cut at our store, setting it in as the focal point. The end result was stunning unique piece of jewelry she now enjoys.

Updating jewelry can be a little like adding on to your house. You can remodel it. Our designers and professional staff can help you create a unique piece that matches your unique style.



Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry
3241 42nd St S
Fargo, ND 58104

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