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You know, that secret's been out for a long time, and jewelers definitely will tip clients off, or any good jeweler should tip their client off, to know that there is a nice price disparity between a 0.90 karat diamond, or a 90 point karat center stone, versus a 1 carat center stone. 

Similar dimensions, oftentimes very similar looks, but there can be anywhere from $800, all the way up to close to $2,000 difference just simply by buying something based upon weight. 

Weight is one of the main areas when we talk about the four Cs that we'll educate our clients on, and you will see that there can be some savings if we keep clients right underneath price increases. 

That's a perfect example, a 90 point center versus a 1 carat where there is a big price disparity between the two sizes.

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