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Affordable Fix

to most metal allergies.

If you have an existing piece of jewelry and you have begun developing some type of an allergic reaction to that piece, an easy thing that we can try is simply doing what's called a rhodium plating process. That is something, if you come into our storage Schmidt's jewelry, we would love to just walk you through what that process looks like.

We would take your piece. We would perfectly clean your ring, polish it up, and then there is basically an electroplating process that we can take and blend one of the metals from the platinum family to the inside of your ring, let's say, if it's a ring that you're having an allergic reaction to, to bond to that ring, so that it will prevent or act as a barrier, and help stop the allergic reaction. It works for many of our clients. It doesn't work for everybody, but it's a very easy process, not evasive, but something that we do right here in our store at Schmidt's Jewelry. 

We would love to be able to kind of help walk you through what that looks like and see if that would be a viable option for you.

Stop in to our Fargo Store Location and talk to one of our Diamond Engagement Ring Experts or visit and schedule an appointment.




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Affordable Fix

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