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I don't know her ring size!

We have a lot of gentlemen when they first come in our store, and they're nervous, they're scared, they don't really know all the ins and outs about purchasing an engagement ring. 

One question that looms over their head is, oftentimes, "What do I do if I don't know her size, and yet I want that ring to be able to fit her?" 

Generally, my rule of thumb is, let's go a little bit on the larger side. So if we need to size a ring down, oftentimes sizing down can be an easier sizing feet than sizing up, and it can always ensure that the ring will fit at least for the evening of the proposal. 

Sometimes we'll be sly, and sometimes I can send ring sizers home with guys and we can try to measure rings that she may already have in her jewelry box. But if we don't have that luxury, we usually kind of walk through starting a ring with a little bit bigger finger size, knowing that it can easily be adjusted down with a very simple half an hour sizing.

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