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Repair vs Refurbish

PODCAST: What you need to know.

Brenda Giere from Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry shares her opinion about the difference between the terms Repair and Refurbish, plus, what you should know before bringing in a piece to a jeweler!

Brenda Giere from Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry discusses the difference between the terms Repair and Refurbish. Plus, she provides a special recipe for cleaning your jewelry at home.


Repairs are simple maintenance. Tightening a prong around a diamond or making sure a clasp is in good working order. These are very very VERY low cost things that will ensure more expensive trips are not down the road. Repair can also cover cleaning your items as this is the time most of the problems are red flagged. 


These are more costly - but still incredibly budget friendly most times. These refurbishments include finding replacement stones or gems when one has gone missing, resizing heirloom rings so they fit the finger of a new owner or rebuilding a piece from the ground up because it was damaged. 


In this episode, Brenda shares a recipe for homemade jewelry cleaner and suggests using a soft bristled toothbrush to maintain jewelry at home. She also mentions that Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry also sells cleaning kits that can be used on a regular basis or before special occasions. For that extra sparkle and shine, you can bring in your jewelry to Schmidt's for some polishing. It takes just minutes and you will be shocked what new life and shine you can find in a piece of dirty jewelry.




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Repair vs Refurbish

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