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Find the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

We can help you find the perfect Mother's Day Gift

Okay. So, Brenda, flowers are beautiful, but they don't last a long time. Right? Maybe the guy that's going to buy this gift, he doesn't really know what to get? Can you help them out?

We can. You know, one thing we pride ourselves on at Schmidt's Jewelry is really individualizing the purchase for our clients and really trying to attend to the needs and the wants of what our clients are asking us for whether it be price point or whether it just be the gentleman that walks through the door that goes, "I am totally lost. I know my wife would love something from here, but I have no idea what to get her. I have no idea what you even give for Mother's Day." We can come up with several different ideas that we can try to help that gentleman find that perfect personalized present because that's the one thing that makes our industry so unique and so special is the fact that we can completely customize something for somebody that makes their gift completely their own versus something that somebody else will walk through the door and ask for.

When it comes to Mother's Day, everybody's got a mom. Whether you're buying it for your personal mom or whether you're buying it as a dad for your wife, giving it to the mom of your children, everybody's got a mom and everybody wants to commemorate that special day in some personal way. We have several different ideas that we can show, price point driven, all in stock. We can show you all kinds of options. If you like something, we can order something in because we still do have time these next few weeks. We can still custom make something, though again, we are running a little bit short on that as we get a little bit closer to the middle of May, but we still have several options of things we can do.

So, I'm guess that instead of a vacuum cleaner, which today a good vacuum cleaner is not, I mean, they're like $200 to probably $800. She probably would like jewelry more than that vacuum cleaner. Right?

Jewelry has the long-lasting effect. Not to take away from any small household appliance, but jewelry is that long-lasting memorable piece that it's very hard to find any other item out there that can have the personal long-lasting effect that jewelry has. For that reason, Mother's Day is the perfect time, really, to commemorate mom and to give her something that's going to last a lifetime and start that heirloom right now with Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry.

Exactly. Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry. Where we located, Brenda?

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Find the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

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