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Mother's Day

"Oh, I don't really need anything" What this really means.

Many times moms say, "Oh, I don't need anything." Well, you know every single time that you do get something, even though she said I don't really need anything, she loves it.

The element of surprise, and I think most of us women are pretty good at saying that we don't need anything or denying or playing down Mother's Day. 

But in most cases, we are very touched and overwhelmed when we do get a surprise Mother's Day gift. 

Mother's Day is a little bit different than some of the other holidays that we will represent and celebrate here at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry in Fargo, ND because of the fact that it is completely personal to that person's family. And they are oftentimes looking for something to commemorate their children. 

Every mom wants to brag about their children. And this is that one day that they can do so.

Expanded Clearance Cases

For this month now of May, we have two full cases designated to our clearance, which is 50% off merchandise. We're looking to make some great deals and offer some wonderful prices to our clients right now in time for Mother's Day.

Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry located at 3011 S. 25th St. in South Fargo. 

Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry your Mother's Day diamond destination.




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Mother's Day

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