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Mother's Day

Are you ready for Mother's Day?

Brenda Giere owner at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry shares terrific Mother's Day gift ideas

What do we have in store for the moms?

Well, really we carry all kinds of pieces. So anything that she may want, we will have in store. Whether it pendants, whether we wanna do a family mother's ring for her, a pair of fun birthstone earrings that will represent her child, or whether we wanna do something a bit nontraditional.

Families that want do something that may commemorate their child, but not necessarily through a colored stone, or a birthstone. We have a lot of darling charms that we will do, where we can engrave, maybe the baby's birthdate and name, that can either be wore on a pendant, or it could be wore on a bracelet.

We have all kinds of fun, nontraditional items too. Normally, you think Mother's Day, you think it's gotta be the birthstone of my child. So if my child's born in September, it's going to have to be a sapphire. But that isn't always the case, and especially with the capabilities we have at Schmidt's Jewelry, and doing custom.

A lot of the families will chose to colored diamond jewelry, that will represent the birthstone of their child, but do it in a far more durable manner, than doing something in colored stone, where yo may have a little bit of issue, in regards to long term durability of the stone. So that is also another added feature that we can and explain, and go through, with our clients here at Schmidt's Jewelry.

Price Points - Brenda talks about a custom charm pendant that she worked on last week.

A really cute charm that we personalized and did for them, that was under that $250 price point, that met all the criteria that this particular family was looking to have, in something that was simple, but yet, very modern looking. Because again, the idea of family jewelry, doesn't necessarily need to look like our parents' family jewelry once did. These young moms really want stuff that maybe is in multicolor, meaning they might want to introduce rose gold, mixed with yellow gold. Again, they may want to do something nontraditional.

But price point is always a concern, or an issue. And we'll have pieces that are going to start under $100, if they want to do something fun for Mother's Day, all the way up from there. So it just depends on what their looking for, but we'll have plenty of available inventory, for you to peruse in our store. We still have time to custom make things, or order things in. Though, I will say, that as we get a little bit closer to Mother's Day, those options may be a little bit more limited.

We are with Brenda, at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry. Brenda, where are we located at?

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Mother's Day

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