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Valentine's Day FREE Delivery

We will offer to deliver your Valentine's Day Gift if you purchase before Noon on Wednesday and have a delivery address in the Fargo Moorhead area.

We are at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry in Fargo, North Dakota this morning.

Today we're talking about Valentine's Day. Brenda, what do you have to offer?

Well, we have a store full of items for Valentine's Day this season. We've got wonderful price points, a whole entire case devoted to under $1,000 price point. Most of what's in that case is really not even that. A lot of it's going to be under 500. If you're looking for a great gift, something fun that you can do and present to your wife at dinner that night, go ahead and stop in to Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry where we have a store full of items, wonderful engagement ring selections, diamond stud earrings selections, and that cute little Valentine-type gift if you're looking for something in red or you're looking for something in hearts, we have all of that covered here at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry. 

I prefer gold on Valentine's day. 


A lot of people think of it as red, but when you're talking jewelry, you're talking gold. Word has it that you're even willing to deliver.

We are. This Valentine's season, starting today, if anybody makes a purchase but would like it delivered to their girlfriend or wife's place of work and wants to surprise her, we will deliver, as long as you're in the Fargo-Moorhead area, so that we can get all of the deliveries made on time for everybody. But we'll have everything gift wrapped and ready to go, so that we can make a wonderful presentation at her place of work.

Even if let's say that the gentleman or girl, whoever, can't make it here to pick it up-


can you deliver it to their work?

 We can deliver it to the person that made the purchase or to the person that's receiving the gift. You can just do a credit card transaction over the phone with us and we'll go ahead and get all the rest of the details taken care of for you. 

Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry.

Thank you.




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