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New Life to Your Jewelry

Not only can you save money but you can extend the life of your jewelry.

Brenda, let's talk about repairs.

You know now would be a great time if you want to dig through that jewelry box of your wife and want to surprise her for Valentine's Day by getting that ring that was maybe a little bit too tight possibly resized. 

Or if you've noticed that her ring needs a little bit of refurbishing, maybe the prongs have wore down, maybe the band has gotten thin, and it would be a great way to surprise her, stop on in to Schmidt's Jewelry where we do all of our repairs right here onsite. Everything's done within a couple of day turnaround time. 

We do estimates all up front so you know exactly what needs to be done with that heirloom, but as well as getting the price up front so you know exactly what you're walking into.

It's a great way to do something for Valentine's that would really surprise your wife and give her a brand new ring without spending a whole lot of money.

It did surprise me when you talked about refurbishing. I mean, it can be as little as under $100, right?

Oh, absolutely. I mean, we have people that simply want just their rings buffed and cleaned and maybe a little bit of prong work done. And all of that type of stuff can be done for well under $100.

So I think that's probably a little bit of a misnomer that some of our clients have when they think, "Oh, I'm not going to worry about fixing that piece of jewelry because it's going to cost so much." In most cases, repair work really is pretty economical, but it's a great way to refurbish and to preserve that heirloom for you and future generations.

Right. Because even just coming in to get your rings cleaned can make them look like new. So many-

Oh, absolutely, they can. And that is a service that we provide here at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry free of charge. So if you are looking just to get your ring cleaned and possibly inspected to make sure that all of the stones are not loose and everything is in working condition, please feel free to stop in. Any one of us would love to help you with that.

And again, remember, all of your stuff stays right here in our store.

Where are we located, Brenda?

3011 South 25th, right here in Fargo. Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry.




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