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Valentine's Day

Jewelry the Ideal Valentine's Day Gift

We're here at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry in Fargo, ND, and we are talking Valentine's Day. Now, for me, any day is a day for diamonds and jewelry, but Brenda, tell us what people can find when they come in here and how you could help them out.

I would kind of agree with you. I think every day walking into Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry is kind of Valentine's for most clients, because everybody's always in love, and everybody's always happy when they walk into our store. One thing that we really like to focus a lot on this time of year is talking about engagements, simply because there are a lot of those that do happen in the month of February. We have our custom capabilities, so if you are looking to think a little bit ahead right now and want to talk to one of us about doing custom, you still have plenty of time to get in, and we can still create something one of a kind if that's the direction that your soon-to-be fiancé wants you to take. Otherwise, we have hundreds of examples of beautiful rings in our showcase that are ready to go, ready to go out that door and be ready for proposal on that evening of Valentine's.

Okay, so say that they're not getting engaged, but let's just say that they've been married for a couple years. You have some beautiful pieces that that guy could come in and get, right?

Absolutely. If you want to embellish, we could take the direction of embellishing one's wedding set, whether we want to add a band to that, or whether we want to do a diamond upgrade. We have a dollar-for-dollar upgrade policy here at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry, so if you are thinking of making that diamond grow a little bit for Valentine's Day, that is definitely an option that I'm sure she would absolutely love. If you're thinking something outside of doing something to the wedding ring, we have diamond stud earring options, diamond pendant options, and of course diamond tennis bracelet, and that's in just the diamond family. Of course, we have cases upon cases of beautiful custom color pieces that we offer here at Schmidt's Jewelry in regards to sapphires, rubies. If you're looking for more exotic colored stores, we have all of those in stock as well.

I've even seen where daddy and his little girl, like he wants to get her something special because it's Valentine's Day, and it's something that she can keep for years to come, so you can even help them with that.

We do, and we do have a fair amount of dads and daughters that do like to recognize the Valentine holiday, and we do have a lot of price points in stock and available ready to go here at Schmidt's Jewelry, so if you're looking for something that's more of just a little add-on for that evening, we have lots of different pieces to be able to choose from as well.

Brenda, where are we?

Schmidts Gems and Fine Jewelry is located at 3011 South 25th right here in Fargo, Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry your Diamond and Engagement Ring Destination in Fargo, ND.




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