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Sparkles & Cocktails 2017

A night to enjoy some wine while you select what's on your holiday wish list.

Brenda is the owner of Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry in Fargo and she has an event coming up that's called "Sparkles and Cocktails." I'm gonna let Brenda take it away and tell you all about it because it sounds like a lot of fun. Who wouldn't wanna go? It's everything you would want, cocktails and sparkles!

Yes. This is an event that we here at the store have been looking at doing the past number of years. It seems like all the cards aligned this year for us to put together this Sparkles and Cocktails event, which is going to be hosted on December 6th right here in our store, right here in Schmidt's Jewelry. We bantered back and forth whether we wanted to bring it offsite, but the vote was definitely unanimous that everybody wanted it here, where all of our jewelry will be showcased.

We're gonna be featuring all of the new fashion going into the month of December, so if you're looking for a little pick-me-up present here for Christmas we're gonna have everything out on display. Little wish lists that if people wanna take those and possibly suddenly turn them in to their husbands so that they can possibly get themselves a beautiful little tiny gift wrap underneath the tree this holiday season, this event is the event for you.

We're gonna be featuring all the jewelry for the holiday season. We're gonna be having some cocktails, like the invite explains, and then we're also just gonna be having light appetizers, as well. The event will be starting at 5:00 and it'll be going until 8:00 p.m. that evening. We want you to bring friends. It's very casual. We want you to come in, look, and then it's an open house type feel. We want you guys just to come in and be relaxed, bring a bunch of friends, have fun, and enjoy the night.

Okay. They don't have to RSVP or anything like that?

Absolutely not, no. We're keeping it very casual for this event. We have done some other customer appreciation events in the past where we have been really particular on RSVPs just because of where we've had the event located. But because we're doing it in-house we're hoping that a car full of women are all gonna get together and just wanna have fun for an hour, come eat, come look at the new designs, and just have a good night.

This is open to everyone, right?

It is. Anybody. It doesn't have to be just a client of our store. We're hoping to actually capture some new clients, as well. We're inviting it to anybody in the area that would like to come in and stop in, check out our store, see what we have to offer, and get to meet all of us.

Now, I know a lot of people have already been shopping for Christmas. This timing-

The store's been very busy. It has been very busy and a lot of pre-Christmas orders are already starting to come in. A lot of the clients that know our store know a little bit of the philosophy behind Schmidt's Jewelry know that we really specialize in custom-creating gifts and ideas for people for Christmas. We stop taking order right around that Thanksgiving time period. It all depends upon the complexity of the orders that we take on. I know on both Friday and Saturday, I myself took on several order that are due here for the holiday season.

If you're thinking Christmas and you want something custom-made by Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry, thinking early is great. That's part of the reason we're doing the event on December 6th, because we really wanna kick people off to thinking Christmas early, especially if they would like us to custom-make something.

Okay, Brenda, tell us where you're at.

We're at 3011 South 25th St, right here in south Fargo. We really hope that all of you can join our Sparkles and Cocktails event on December 6th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m..

Thanks for joining us.




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Sparkles & Cocktails 2017

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