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NEW Fashion Jewelry

New Jewelry from this year's trip to market.

Good morning. Thank you for joining us. We are live at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry today, and I'm with Brenda. Brenda just got back from market. Brenda, what is it that you found at market? Tell us all about what the new trends are and why people should visit Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry.

Well, market was very successful for me this season. Right now, what's very hot is color. We focus a lot on color gemstones, and we have a lot to show you. We happen to be standing right in front of what would be July's birthstone, which is ruby. We have all kinds of beautiful custom pieces that are one of a kind that I got back from market specially for people who have birth months here in July. We also are really focusing heavily on yellow gold this season. That's definitely a trend-setter. So those of you that love yellow gold, you're definitely back in the trend. We have all kinds of gorgeous pieces. Beautiful sleeping turquoise earrings that are in 18 karat that are absolutely gorgeous and very summer-like for this time of year.

Oh, that's wonderful. Okay. So tell us, too, about some of the other jewelry that you have that you got at market.

Another thing that's been really popular that you will see a lot on the runway right now are women wearing long, dangle style earrings. Very fashionable. We still do a lot with diamond stud earrings, the classics. But we've been doing a lot and getting a lot of requests for more chandelier style earrings, things that you can wear also for casual but dress, both in colored stone and in diamond. We're doing them in rose gold, platinum, and yellow gold. I've got all kinds of different options that we just back with in all different [inaudible 00:01:37]. You can get into some of these really high-end fashion looks for reasonable price points, such as in that 5 to 600 dollar price point, but have a look of something that looks 2,500 dollars.

Yes. And I know that I love my jewelry, my earing that I bought here, because I can wear them with ... I can dress them up to go somewhere formal. And I can wear them with a T-shirt if I want, and just throw in a nice handbag.

And that's been really one of the biggest requests we've had with our clients. Is they want something that they can wear for their workday, but then when they go out at night, they want the same type of jewelry that will work for that type of attire as well. So they want something that's very versatile that will go both for casual and for dress.

Okay. So tell us about this ring here. You know how some of the jewelry is not just the band? It almost extends down the finger a little bit.

Yes. The style of this type of jewelry, Bert, is called negative space jewelry. And that's been a really hot runway fashion, as well. They're a little more elongated, meant to be worn more on your middle finger, but are very fashion forward. We've done a lot of them where we've incorporated either birthstones or, in many cases, family. So we'll do something as a mother's ring and give you a little bit more of a modern look on a really traditional concept. That's been really big for us, as well.

Yeah, I see a lot of different styles in here that I haven't seen before. For example, this one. It almost has a combination of ... It looks like chenille, and it almost looks like two wedding bands stuck together, like you could use it for multipurpose.

And it is. A lot of our pieces, we do try to focus on stuff that will work for more than one purpose or more than one occasion. And that does kind of have that chenille look with that split band or what we, again, call that negative space. That has been very popular, both, again, in diamond and in color. We've also done a lot, too, with these really fun fashion necklaces where they're staggering, and you're wearing them both as an 18 inch length and a 16 inch length. We have several of those, both in yellow gold and in white gold, that have been very popular. In this summer, for fashion, the moon and the stars, as well as some of the butterfly ... Kind of coming back to some of those sweet innocent designs ... have really been popular, as well.

That's what I was thinking here when I just saw the one. I was going to ask you about the moon and the star.

Yes. It's stunning. It is.


And it's just a very sweet way of taking some of your classic designs and bringing them back into the forefront of fashion.

And I've noticed, too, that a lot your bracelets are ... See, I'm not one for big bracelets that are hitting. I sit at my desk and working, and it's a little bit complicated that ...


You know what I'm saying? They hit. They're almost more fitted and I love it.

They are a little bit more fitted. A lot of requests that we get when it comes to more of that bangle bracelet or that harder style bracelet that clasps, is they do want something that is functional for when they're at the workplace. They're now making them with a flexible bottom, so you can get the ease of wearing it but still the look that you're after. So we've been getting a lot of requests for that. And they're great stackable pieces, too. So if you like to wear your watch, and yet you still want to wear your bracelet, you can stack multi-pieces, as well.

I love it. What about the colored jewelry? What are the ...

Right now, we're just finishing up here with month of July, which is ruby. But we're quickly going to be moving on into August, which is going to be peridot. We have a beautiful selection of gorgeous peridot that's ready for everybody for that August birth month.

Wonderful. How about pearls? Where are people at with pearls?

Pearls have always been very good for us in the summer months with anniversary and wedding season. That still is a really classic gift to be given for a groom to buy for his bride. So we do really well with pearls in all price points, whether it be more of a fashion pearl necklace or that beautiful, classic strand of pearls. We sell both the freshwater and what we call Akoya pearls, which are your saltwater pearl, which we do very well with. So we do have a nice selection for the summer months with pearls.

Okay. Well, I know I go crazy at jewelry stores, so this is one of my favorite places. Thank you for joining us. We've been live at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry in Fargo.




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