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Chamilia Jewelry Sale

In-Store Only Inventory on sale now!

Facebook Live video from Monday July 10th at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry featuring Chamilia jewelry.

Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry has a Chamilia sale going on right now, buy one get one free on any of our Chamilia product, whether it be bracelets that we have in stock, pendants that we have in stock, or any of the charms that we have in stock. But again, it is only in stock merchandise that we are promoting right now. With summer, this is a great time to stock up. If you have an anniversary coming up or are looking ahead into the Christmas season. We have a ton of clients that have the product. If you're looking at considering starting a new bracelet for your loved one, now would be a fantastic time to come in and utilize our sale.

All of the enameled product is all handmade. The Swarovski crystal line, which we have all of the 12 birth months, so if you're looking to symbolize that loved one or start a family bracelet, we have all kinds of birth stone beads in stock, family beads, and a lot of hobbies, so if you're into any type of hobby, we've got lots of hobby bracelet charms here in stock as well.

It is really a cute concept and the beauty behind doing a Chamilia piece is that you can build on your life story.

You can start with something that symbolizes your wedding or getting married, with all of our "Love" beads, and then you can move on to children and hobbies and sports that they may be into.

It's just a great way to symbolize your whole family and tie that intimate, personal connection.

Chamilia jewelry on sale now at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry.




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